When I was 17, I wanted to become a mom at age 25. When I was 25, I was still pursuing an education and working towards a career.

When I was finally ready to be a mother, I had a miscarriage and, shortly after, I got hit by the news that I had breast cancer… It was probably not the right time for me.

Whenever a woman takes Tamoxifen and is still in the years when she might be fertile, she is advised to use birth control, since this drug could potentially harm a fetus.

Also after Phase 4, my oncologist recommended to detox from T-fen for 6 months to a year before trying to have a baby.

Truth to be told, I had already given up on being a mom.  How could I think that was a possibility after such a long and aggressive treatment?

I was also a little concerned about my well-being and the baby’s given my age and all the toxins that had been given to me in order to beat the cancer.

Shortly after I turned 38, I had started a new job and I had stopped taking T-fen for about a year. I thought I could be pregnant, but how could that be?

The first time I took a pregnancy test it came out negative.  I repeated it a couple of days later and it was negative again.

During a business trip to Philly, I felt so sick that I decided to buy another pregnancy test.  I was in such a denial state that I thought that there was something wrong with my cycle and that I had the dates wrong.

I couldn’t fathom that I could be pregnant.

This time, the test came out positive.

I was so surprised and nervous at the same time – for many reasons.  Was I healthy enough to carry to term?  Was the baby going to be ok?

My pregnancy was a smooth sailing.  I experienced no morning sickness, I worked until my due date and exercised until the very end.

I had all the genetic tests done to check for any chromosomal abnormalities – it was all good.

I carried to term and gave birth to a healthy boy last spring.  He just turned one.

Being a mom is a fulfilling and rewarding experience as well as a very challenging job. My son has brought so much joy to my life!

Yes, I did go through a terrible ordeal, but God, the stars, a special force – whatever you want to believe in – gave me the chance of becoming a mom at the right time.

My intention when starting this blog was to raise awareness about breast cancer as well as to educate people about the challenges faced by young women diagnosed with this disease.

My story can prove that a battle well fought can lead to big rewards.

The last 8 years post-cancer have been very interesting ones – periods of deception, new friendships, challenging situations, new jobs and pleasant surprises.

My son has given me the most important reason to live. He is the engine that keeps me alive. I have a valid justification to strive for better things, avoid harmful situations, stay fit and live a healthful lifestyle.